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Default 1.0-9629 + toshiba tecra M2 = trouble

I'm running the 1.0-9629 driver on a couple of suse 10.1 desktops and they are great, no problems, good performance, and completely stable.

On a toshiba tecra M2 laptop, running the same OS as the 2 desktop systems, the 1.0-9629 driver is misbehaving.

1. Once the screen blanks, it will not unblank, and I have to kill the X session to get the screen to unblank. I saw this problem on the same laptop with earlier versions of the OS and the nvidia drivers, and it was fixed, but the problem is back now.

2. Attemping to start a game of quake 3 arena demo instantly kills the X session, kicking me back to the X login screen. Nothing like this happens on the 2 desktop systems where I'm running the same nvidia driver on the same OS.

What can I look at to determine the cause, or help you guys come up with a fix?

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