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Unhappy Issues, issues, and more issues...

Hi there!

I never had installed an NVidia driver that worked 100%. There is always something that doesn't work. I'm currently running Arch Linux 0.7.2 (Gimmick) in a laptop (it's a Uniwill 259 EN3).

Here is the list of issues that I've got:

- OpenGL applications freeze the system.
As I already said in a previous thread, my system freezes when I run OpenGL apps. It can take 1 minute, or 1 hour, but you get a freeze, that's guaranteed!

If I have a system running for a while (browsing, listening to music, etc), and I run Enemy Territory (or any other OpenGL app, for that matter), I get a freeze in less than 5 minutes.

But, if I restart the system before I run the game, it can hold on for a longer time (30minutes, 1 hour) before the freeze.

I tried all the drivers since 1.0-6XXX, till the latest (1.0-9629), and they all do the same.

- Aparently, normal 2d applications also freeze the system.
Sometimes while running firefox the system freezes. It usually happens when viewing videos (Google/Youtube). Flash plugin problem/conflict?!?!

I also get system freezes while running the Eclipse IDE. Java problem/conflict?!?!
The attachment with the bug report, was created after a freeze while running Eclipse. If needed, I can make a bug report after a OpenGL app freeze.

- I have a black bar in the right side of the screen, while running Enemy Territory in full screen
I thought that the 1.0-9XXX drivers had a fix for this bug, but I still have it.

- Audio break while changing from TTY to X11
If I have audio playing, and I change from X11 to a TTY, nothing happens, but if I go back from a TTY to X11, I get a one second break in the audio (NV driver doesn't do that).

If I remember correctly, the the 1.0-7667 driver version had this issue fixed, but it was reintroduced with the 1.0-8XXX versions of the driver.

- Suspend to RAM
Up to the 2.6.17.X version of Linux, the Suspend to RAM feature worked fine. After I upgraded to Linux 2.6.18.X, it stopped working. I could suspend for short periods of time (5 minutes), but more than that, would just give me a black screen and a stalled system when I tried to recover from a suspend.

I didn't have time to test the suspend to RAM (for more than a few minutes) with latest driver release, but as soon as I have more data, I will post my results.

That's it for now, cheers,
Quetzy Garcia
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