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Default fedora 6, beryl + twinview

Hi everyone, thank you moderators for addressing so many question in the forum.

I have a GeForce 6600 GT and using 2 monitors with Twinview.

Before, I was using XGL (compiled with Xinerama support ) with Compiz, and things worked really well. In other words, screens maximized on their own monitors, etc.

Since switching to AIGLX + Compiz and the new Nvidia driver (currently using 1.0-9629), I've had many problems. Maximizing windows would cover both monitors instead of one, etc.

At last, I switched from Compiz to Beryl (using AIGLX). The twinview setup seems to work much better. However, every now and then (about once an hour), my right screen would flash black for a second, then it would re-appear but my left screen would be showing on both monitors and the right screen is totally gone!

I've also noticed some random desktop freezes since switching to the 9628 driver. It was basically a kernel dump (I'll post the dump next time it happens).

Here is my xorg.conf:

Thanks everyone!!
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