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Default Re: AIGLX and CPU consumption

Originally Posted by Rino
I noticed that AIGLX consume lots of CPU (about 30% when I move a window, sometimes to 100% when I rotate the cube very fast) . It is said that AIGLX is designed not to consume as much CPU power. What causes that much CPU consumption? Do you have any plans to optimize AIGLX support? I have Xelo FX5200, Fedora Core 6, 1.0.9629 drivers (Livna's package; the same result with nVidia generic tarball package). I tried AIGLX with some integrated Intel graphic card and it works perfectly, it consume almost none of CPU power.

Thanks for the answer in advance.

(correct me if I'm wrong) By installing the nvidia driver (>=9625) you are using nvidia's implementation of the GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap extension (provided by their You do need Xorg 7.1 which happens to be AIGLX enabled (that's the native, which is replaced by the nvidia driver), which is what causes the confusion in my opinion.
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