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Default Problem installing any graphics driver (8776 or 9629)

I have a clean install of Mandriva Linux 2007 Free, 64-bit version as a test to see if I can dump Win. I downloaded the Nvidia driver for the x86_64 processor, but when I try the installation of the driver, I keep on getting text like:

welcometotheinstallationofthisdriver,doyouwatntoco ntinuetheinstallationofhtisdriver

In other words, all the text is a complete mess, no spaces in sentences, and more often then not, the text overwrites other text making the installation completely impossible to follow, so have to control+z (IIRC) out to quit the install.

I have checked that my graphics card is supported by the driver, and it is, I have also checked that I downloaded the correct driver, which I think I did (for AMD x86_64), that is what Linux identifies itself anyway.

As a newbie to Linux, I am pretty sure that I tried the install right, correct me if I'm wrong.

1) In my user area start Konsole.
2) enter SU mode then type "init 3".
3) cd to the directory of the run file
4) attempt the "sh" install of the run file, where the garbage output
shows and have to cancel the install.

Attempted to install driver #8776 and or latest #9629's for GeForce cards with same results.

I thought about corruption of the files, but whether I download the "run" file in Linux or Windows, the same results show.
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