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Well, Mr no it all HB why not go over and talk to Bigtoe at AF's.

And hell no it's has nothing to do with it being overclocked.
It does the SAME THING at factory speeds.

Why in the **** do u give a **** what I do anyway??????????????

One big pain in the @ss is it just drops back to 640 res for no reason.
It's been posted at R3D MANY times by members and even by me with NO REPLY. I've sent in bug reports and still NO FIX.
I've tried everything anyone has come up with.

I spend my money the way I want.
I've had my Pro sense Oct of last year and it run fine on my 850 chipset board.

I'm due for a new card anyway. I upgrade every 6 months.
Man some of u guys take this fanboy sh!t way to far.

Would a mod please just lock this thread.?
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