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Originally posted by Rogozhin
WE give a Fook because you are posting lies and we've caught you.

This influences other people regardless of your belief in its causation.

So, if you have difficulites please give us the exact errors (cut and paste them from your desktop) and give us your dxdiagnostic.

If you still can't figure it out, take it to a pro.

HB is only calling you a hypocrite because of your double post that Hanners also saw over at

Had you not posted that we wouldn't have questioned the validity of your claim.

As it stands your credibility is near zero.

Fine then. I have give my bloody errors more times than I care to talk about.
I'm far from a hypocrite. I post a lot at R3D.
My claim.? Can u not read? Click the link and go over the AB's and read all the problems.

As I said. At times I thought it was fine and then it would just screw up again.

I posted many times all over the net that it's was a good setup.
If it's was not for the on and off problems that just seem to come back it would be.

As long as it's not a Gbay board there seems to be no real problems with the Radeon.

Anyway my Pro is sold so there is no problem anymore.

I have no reason to lie about it.
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