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Default Re: Problem installing any graphics driver (8776 or 9629)

I tried your suggestion, then got some errors about needing the XOrg SDK / Development package, so found and installed that via Mandriva package manager. Tried installing the driver again (with the "-s" option) then got errors about a PLF version of the driver already installed, and it then complained with all sorts of errors, it did not install.

I then went back to the package manager and uninstalled the PLF verison of the graphics driver, then tried installing the 8776 driver (with the "-s" option). It did not complain. I then did the same for the 9629 version, and again it did not complain.

So I managed to get the Nvidia logo screen up on reboot, and after installing some packages, the 3D desktop extensions.

This has created new problems.
1) I had 4 desktops, this is now been cut to one, and no matter what I do, I cannot get 4 desktops back.
2) I no longer have a screen to logout, shutdown, reboot - I get thrown to the "login" new session / user window where from there you can select whether you want to shut down or reboot.
3) Any tv application (like TVtime) has it's video completely ruined, as if it's working on a different tv system, diagonal lines across the whole screen of the application.
4) Some applications that load from session to session no longer seem to remember where they were last placed, and if you put them where you want them to be, they will revet back to some other place on the screen. These were not locked with the settings to remember position / metrics etc.

That's all I tested / found. So, apart from all the scr*wups of the display, the driver is now installed and running. And it seems faster to load menus and certain applications.

If it's this difficult to get things running, no Windows user will switch to Linux :-(, especially ones that have never touched a DOS prompt!
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