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Default Re: AIGLX and CPU consumption

Originally Posted by Rino
You may be right. But, AIGLX works, and it didn't work with the previous version of nVidia propriatery driver. Hm...
I'm not sure what you mean by "AIGLX works". How you can test this using nvidia's closed driver package. I haven't tried to restore Xorg's libglx and see if it works with the nvidia driver though, which might be what you are saying.

I find the following helpful in understanding the subject: Communication between Xgl and Xorg
mainly talks about Xgl, but also shows how things look like with AIGLX. The whole confusion comes from the fact that nvidia devs provide their own accelerated indirect GLX implementation via their

to nvidia devs: what's the reason behind a custom implementation of the It looks very redundant to me. You must have your reasons.
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