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Default Re: Nvidia 6200 and ATI RS480/482 chipset incompatibilities

biosirq [IA-32] Use PCI BIOS calls to get the interrupt
routing table. These calls are known to be buggy
on several machines and they hang the machine
when used, but on other computers it's the only
way to get the interrupt routing table. Try
this option if the kernel is unable to allocate
IRQs or discover secondary PCI buses on your

usepirqmask [IA-32] Honor the possible IRQ mask stored
in the BIOS $PIR table. This is needed on
some systems with broken BIOSes, notably
some HP Pavilion N5400 and Omnibook XE3
notebooks. This will have no effect if ACPI
IRQ routing is enabled.

If using either of the two options helps, then you're hitting one or more BIOS bugs (without them).

The Composite extension was never enabled by default until very recent distributions (FC6, SLED10, etc). If disabling Composite now seems to help, that seems to be unrelated to whatever original problems people were reporting in the past.
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