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Exclamation Re: Issues, issues, and more issues...

Originally Posted by zander
You may also want to check your system memory with e.g. memtest86+ to rule it out as a potential problem source.
I haven't done that yet, but I will.

Meanwhile, I've installed the 1.0-9742 driver (and also disabled RenderAccell and Composite). Playing Enemy Territory seems more stable, and while I didn't had a system freeze yet, I don't want to shout victory. So I will test 3D gaming more extensively tomorrow.

Yet, the black bar on the right side of the screen while running ET remains (and I am using the Force full GPU Scaling option from the Flat Panel Scaling in NVIDIA X Server Settings).

But there is another (new?) issue. Now (with the 1.0-9742 drivers) I can no longer use my TTY's (commands can be passed though, and they work fine, but with a corrupted screen, you cannot do much).
If I start X, and switch from X11 back to any TTY (CTRL-ALT-FN), or kill X (CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE), the screen gets lots of garbage. The colors change, starting from Green, to Yellow, Blue and finally Red (looks like the screen is about to blow). I can even see the X mouse pointer (somewhat faded) on the position where it was left in X.

More updates on this, soon!

Thanks for your time,
Quetzy Garcia
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