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Originally posted by mongoled
Can somebody with a 5800Ultra try this please. It would be good to see other peeps real life experiences with this 'issue', which if true is very serious.

The FX 5800 Ultra I have here atm does this when running the aquarium D3D screensaver.

It runs when the screensaver starts and stops a min or so later, but the screensaver is still running.

Temp keeps rising, (fast as I have no system fans), until I intervene with a large desk fan directed at the card & exit the screen saver. Judging by my findings so far 5800 Ultras get far too hot, (this is the fourth one I've tried and they all get equally hot). They definitely get too hot even in 2d at lower clocks for the fan to not run at all, but most of the heat problem is not the frontside, but on the backside, (top in a tower), that has the large copper plated alu ram sink.

I'm also pretty convinced the 140C setting is a top end limit to the display, not a temp the card could reach without damage. (like the sliders for overclocking that often show far higher clocks speeds than you can ever hope to reach or even set). Considering water boils at 100C, if I had a water-block on the card and it got to 140c the water in the block would have turned to steam long before. I can't see anyway it could or should be set for 140C as a safe limit, it is just another unfinished part of the drivers.

Those with an FX Ultra, If you right click just after where it says 140C you get a "what's this" box, now click the box and it explains what the up & down temp setting arrows do to change the alarm settings / overheat protection. Shame these arrows don't actually exist.


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