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Question [SOLVED - kind of] Twinview fails + missing 'wfb' module

Greetings all

Recently updated my installation and hit a frustrating problem. Previously I have had working a stable twinview configuration across two 1600x1200 DFP monitors with Xorg 7.1. Following the new update, however, the desktop is displayed on only one monitor.

There are two problems which are obvious in the log file, but I have no idea how to fix.

Problem 1: A missing module named 'WFB'. Cannot find this beastie in either the usual documentation nor Google
Problem 2: The Xorg log indicates that, although two flat panels are detected and their resolutions are correctly determined at 1600x1200, the combined virtual screen space is still 1600x1200 rather than the correct 3200x1200

I've attached Xorg.0.log from the current non-working config, Xorg.1.log from the previous working config and, of course, nvidia-bug-report.log.

Any help gratefully received.


(P.S.: I note has included an old /var/log/XFree86.0.log - ignore this, 'tis from my olden XFree/ATI days. I've since seen the light, obviously )
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