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Default Re: AIGLX and CPU consumption

their own accelerated indirect GLX implementation via their
because it's not indirect. it's GLX not AIGLX.

please please please people, make proper difference between those really different things:
- GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap: the thing needed for a X rendered window to become a texture handlable by opengl
- XGL: an implemental solution to the above, where two X servers are running, one relaying things to the other
- AIGLX: another implemental solution, where things are rendered indirectly offscreen, then put on screen, thus inducing an overhead.
- GLX: the usual opengl+x solution, where opengl things are rendered directly on X screen. this is the nvidia solution to implement texfrompixmap.

to nvidia devs: what's the reason behind a custom implementation of the
in regard to tex_from_pixmap, because of the above

anybody feel free to correct me about that if anywhere I'm wrong
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