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Default Re: The Official Medieval II Feedback Thread

Ill be picking the game hopefully on Nov15...
Most reviews i have seen arent spectacular about the game just ~88/91% because they compare it with their previous game ->Rome total war who got average 94/96% in the popular gaming sites ..

So its a bit unfair ,to not give the game a more closer rating than their previous RTS just because is an evolutionary step..(which i agree) since the gameplay is about the same ,with few addons and improved animations and graphics. I mean why reinvent the wheel? if it working so well ,dont fix it. lol..

im curious about the camera postion.. the game trailers show custom camera views ,very close to the ground ,that i cant do in the game demo .Perhaps someone will mod it , if its not possible out of the box game.

Feedback about the game and screenshots are welcome.

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