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Default pm-suspend broken on fedora core 6 on gf4 ti4200

i've search the forum and I did not find any similar post so here I am
I am using the 9626 drivers (because of the nv2x bug in 9629...), everything works accel, compiz, beryl.

I've configured /etc/pm/functions-nvidia as indicated in this forum (commenting vbetool post etc...).
When I am trying to suspend the first time it works fine, after resuming I don't find any problems no slowdowns, compiz works fine..all good.
But if I am trying to suspend the second time the screen freezes (with a beautiful snow effect ) and I have to hard reboot (no ctrl+alt+bsp or del ) the remote ssh sessions are also unresponsive. I get the same result whether I use compiz or just the plain metacity.

I have the same problem if I'm trying to hibernate and I suspect that after the first resume the video is in a "funny" state that cannot be saved at the next reboot.

I attach the nvidia-bug-report.
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