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Default Re: nvidiafb howto use it?

Originally Posted by floogy
one can solve the conflict between vesafb and the nvidia kernel module of the xserver with the line
Option "ConnectedMonitor" "CRT" (15jack VGA) or Option "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP"
I use geforce 6150, DVI-D panel and vesafb with 9742 driver. Don't have this line and everything works.

Originally Posted by floogy
Is there also a way to "unlock" the nvidiafb that way, that one is able to use it beside the xserver?
I use nvidiafb when nvidia binary driver is not loaded. Works fine. But using them together is not possible. I asked Nvidia several months ago to include frambuffer support inside nvidia kernel module. No response.

Now I boot with vesafb. If I'm going to work only on console I modproble nvidiafb to have console accelerated. If need X I have to reboot because nvidiafb can not be unloaded. I'm working on finding any solution to make nvidiafb unloading possible.

However the best and most compatible way it would be to ask Nvidia again to implement HW accelerated console in kernel binary module.

Originally Posted by floogy
In which format do I have to use the mode_option= and the video= in grub/menu.lst anyway? I ask that also for vesafb, if it is impossible to use nvidiafb and xorg/nvidia.ko side by side. How to make the menu.lst entries?
There is no possibility now to use nvidiafb and nvidia module together. If you want nvidiafb do like me: boot with vesafb then load nvidia or nvidiafb module depending on what you are going to do X or console.
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