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Default Re: is nForce MCP61 supported in Linux?

I've got an MCP61P chipset on my asus M2N-MX. Here's the story so far:
  • Networking only works with 2.6.18+
  • Video card (onboard 6100) only works with 2.6.18+
  • Unsure about the IDE atm, I've had some lockups with my cdrom drive. I've even experienced this lockup on windows that's why it's puzzling me.
  • Audio chip, only works in 2.6.19-rc5 but emits a high pitch noise and any attempt to change the volume will kill the sound output even my second sound card will refuse to play after that. And yes I have alsa 1.0.11 and have tried 1.0.13 no difference at all.

Latest bios and running Ubuntu 6.10.

So currently audio is troubling, so I moved back to 2.6.18 hope to see that get fixed in the future. Currently I've got a old pci network card and an old pci audio card in my machine just because of these issues.
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