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Default Re: [96.29/x86_64/FC6] screen goes blank from time to time.

Just to let you know you're not alone Gilboa...
I've not had any screen blanking issues but I have had one hard lock so far using 96.29 on a very similar machine.
K8WE S2895
2GB Ram
FC6 64bit

The machine had been on for twelve hours, it was an hour into transcoding a dvd when it locked up. No opengl processes running. Maybe 25% load on the system and low temperatures throughout. So I had no reason to suspect the graphics driver. I've just updated to FC6, running a kernel out of testing, everything is new so I'm not too sure where to look for a cause and with only one lock up so far I put it down to one-of-those-things.
glxgears is running at a reasonable 14700 fps here. Probably because I havent tried turning AIGLX on yet...
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