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ever since i got warcraft 3 around the beginning of this month i've been playing it online a lot exclusively(in fact after i post this message i'll be heading on over to to play some more ) after buying it, i went straight to multiplayer and skipped single player!

every once in a while i'll play the wc3 single player story to continue on with the story (it's like reading a book [an interactive book], u can close it and come back later [like after playing online] to take in more of the wc3 story)

also, a couple of months ago i finished mohaa and boy was getting out of that exploding building at the very end with all them nazis shooting at u, the most difficult mission i've played from any game, even more difficult than the omaha beach scenario!

anywayz, i played mohaa a lot online too that is before i got wc3.

before mohaa, it was jk2 single player and then jk2 online.

i can't wait for ut2k3!!

i thought it was supposed to be out already, darn it!?

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