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Default Re: Driver 9629 Freezes when using 3d stuff

Originally Posted by zzingo

The output is from using bash

(But Ill try some more now that I'm home again)


Here is my "aptitude search nvidia"
nvidia-kernel-common seems installed.

zingo@dual:~$ aptitude search nvidia
pi nvidia-glx - NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org driver
p nvidia-glx-dev - NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org driver dev
c nvidia-glx-legacy - NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org 'legacy' d
p nvidia-glx-legacy-dev - NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org 'legacy' d
v nvidia-kernel-1.0.7174 -
v nvidia-kernel-1.0.7182 -
v nvidia-kernel-1.0.7184 -
v nvidia-kernel-1.0.8756 -
v nvidia-kernel-1.0.8762 -
v nvidia-kernel-1.0.8774 -
v nvidia-kernel-1.0.8776 -
v nvidia-kernel-1.0.9629 -
i nvidia-kernel-common - NVIDIA binary kernel module common files
p nvidia-kernel-source - NVIDIA binary kernel module source
p nvidia-legacy-kernel-source - NVIDIA binary 'legacy' kernel module sourc
c nvidia-settings - Tool of configuring the NVIDIA graphics dr
p nvidia-xconfig - The NVIDIA X Configuration Tool
That output shows that you have 'nvidia-glx' & 'nvidia-kernel-common' installed. They are the Ubuntu-packaged version of the Nvidia drivers. I must admit, I had problems with those, but I believe someone is now doing a fair job of packaging them. If you want to install the drivers direct from Nvidia, you will need to remove those drivers. You should also check that you have 'make' and 'gcc' installed.

I would suggest the following;

- If you are in X, open a terminal, and type 'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop' (change gdm to kdm if you are using KDE)

- If you are now at a blank screen, with a cursor flashing in the top-left corner, press Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get to a virtual terminal wit ha login prompt (or you may even be logged in already)

- Login in as your normal username, if required

- Type 'sudo bash' and enter your password when prompted

- Type 'aptitude purge nvidia-glx nvidia-kernel-common'

- Change to the directory where you have saved the Nvidia driver downloaded from Nvidia's website - e.g. 'cd ~cambo/Downloads'

- Run the Nvidia driver installer with './'

- Follow the prompts. It will not be able to find a suitable kernel module from the Nvidia website, so will need to compile one itself. Just follow the prompts.

- Let the Installer update your xorg.conf file. It will make a backup of your existing file, just in case you need to make any alterations

If you get any error messages, let us know on here.

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