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Default Re: URGENT! 7600CS (rev 02e1) stays black when screen via VGA extender

Hi Lonny,

I have the felling that we are not on the same page. Nevertheless lets come back to the road (not talking of KVM, DISPLAYS; DVI/VGA etc):

So you say with the Option:
"ConnectedMonitor" "CRT" with usual 1024x768@60 modeling (24bit)

this should work with 7xxx:
1. Boot your PC with 7xxx card inside, Runlevel 3
2. login root/pass
3. disconnect analoge VGA Cable (15pin)
4. startx
5. connect VGA Cable again -> display shall show video signal

EXACTLY THIS I NEED, like good old 6xxx doing this. Or need I more options activated that aboves TESTCASE works?
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