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I think thats a bit over the top, AI has come along way since those days though, and these really shine in MP. Word has it in the Raven Forums, that a MP demo "may" be out on the 26th. It all depends on what gameplay you prefer. If its arcade, dont go play R6 games, if you like a challange, use of "skill" "teamwork" then Raven Shield is going to be for you. People often say that there is never any team work, all I say is, get in a clan and play on clan servers. Use BattleCom. RogerWilco, GameVoice or Team Speak(best one IMO) a game with one shot (headshots) kills, no respawns, no 3rd view, no auto aim, no mini maps, ingame voice comms, can add clans armpatch to uniform, list goes on and on.
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