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Default Re: Driver 9629 Freezes when using 3d stuff [Solved wrong bios setting]

Hello Again My issue is now solved.

I manage to get the driver, I found a solution in
(Changeing "if [ "$RET" == "0" ];" to "if [ "$RET" = "0" ];" )

I tested this before I tested the /bin/sh -> /bin/bash So I don't know if that also does the trick.

The driver change didn't help...

But I reseted my BIOS setting (I didn't do that after the upgrade.. I know I know...) And it now works in noacpi mode (have not tested normal mode) I have tried planeshift for a an hour without problem. Before I got the problem after a few sec (10-60 sec)

I'm sorry to bug you down with this (BIOS missconfigure issue).

Thanx everyone for the help.
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