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Question linux newbie question...

Ok, I'm pretty much a linux newbie, just finding my way around the basics. Been using it for a month or so now (have completely ditched Windows) and love it.

However, I've got problems now!!

Decided to start running Red Hat Linux Null (which I have to say looks much better than 7.2!) but, of course, my NVdriver doesn't work!

This is my first foray into compilation of stuff, apart from the pretty standard application things. I've got a fair idea of what I have to do... it's just actually doing it!

I've got the kernel-source RPM installed for Null (2.4.18-11) and have downloaded the tar.gz of the NVidia drivers. The make completes okay, but I get the error message "this was compiled using gcc 2 and you need version 3" basically.

So, on a completely fresh install, how do I go about getting the NVidia drivers to compile against this (and any, going forward) kernel that isn't supported by NVidia's distribution?

If I can get it working in the meantime, I'll post a mini-howto to the board if it helps people!

Thanks for all the info I've already got from the board though!

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