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Default Projector TV Via HDMI

I'm running MythTV on an x86-64-based box running Fedora Core 6. I'm having problems configuring X with the TV. The TV set is a 50" Sony projector TV, and it accepts input via an HDMI interface. On the GeForce 6600 card I'm using, the HDMI interface connects to the DVI port. I've managed to configure X to do 1280x720@60 using nvidia-settings. The problem is that the image goes past the actual TV viewscreen. In other words, the actual image gets cropped on top, on both sides and at the bottom (mostly the bottom).

Is there a way to configure X to fix this? Perhaps a custom Modeline? If so, where would I begin?

I'd really appreciate tips or even URLs to good reference material to read.
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