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Default Re: The Official Medieval II Feedback Thread

Wow this game is real fun... lol.

I never though there will be so many things to be aware ,in the campaing now. MErchant ,princess ,priest. aside from the diplomats and assasins . the animations videos in importants events are sooo coool.

i have a question ,dont know how to use merchants.. most of the time they do nothing. Priest? how you convert people to your religion? they seems to be passive characters . i never thought cruzades will be fun .

i made the mistake to play the camping in medium dificulty and the game seems too easy .

aside note ..Dont miss the Limited edition of Medieval 2..
it have tons of DVD's , the soundtrack of the game ,two DVd's of the game ,and two history channel DVD movies on the crusades. plus a map. Im playing as Spain.. but will like to test all other factions .. i think the game will keep me busy for 6 months easily or more if the community release great mods.

performance wise this game kills my core2 @3ghz and 7600gt. barely can play at 1280x1024..with all settings semi-high. its my crappy video card the bottleneck.
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