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Default Re: X process saturates the CPU when Xinerama (SLS) enabled


I work alongside Walter and thought I could add the following to the discussion:

Since yesterday, we've set up a similar system to the one above with two PCIx Matrox graphics cards and could NOT reproduce the problems we are seeing with the PCIe Nvidia Quadro FX3500s!

We believe that the problems we're seeing when running our in-house application (which runs multiple animation windows) may be related to a behavior we've noticed when we run glxgears:

A single instance of glxgears produces framerates in the range of 27000 FPS. However, starting another instance of glxgears on the same card, lowers the FPS for both instances to around 750 FPS

This is a monumental drop and we think that it is related to the same problem we're seeing in our application (even though we're not seeing the X process taking over one CPU core).

We've conducted the multiple glxgears test on older Nvidia graphics cards and noticed that the FPS drops by only half.

Any thoughts?

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