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Default Custom Watercooling Sucks Why?

I made a nifty custom watercooling system. I soldered together two copper endcaps for copper water pipe and then attached the whole device to my thunderbird with a bungee cord. I know it sounds like a piece of crap, but it's actually quite an awesome little unit. The intake and output are on top of the three inch unit and the intake has an interior extension that takes the cold water straight to the bottom. The problem is that the temperature hovers right around that of my volcano air cooler (127 F when I tested it). This is an old one rated for like a 1GHz. The waterblock stays 100% cool while the CPU heats up under it. I decided that my problem is that there isn't enough copper above the core to pull the heat away. Could that be the case? The waterblock and core have been lapped flat, though not to a mirror finish and I am using arctic silver 2. I was thinking that maybe there isn't enough pressure? There seems to be enough. Any ideas for a different hold-down? That was my dad's idea and I have doubted it since it's conception. Sorry for the lack of a real picture, if anyone shows some interest I will try to find a digital camera.
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