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Default A new geforcefx 5800 ultra for 369$

wow i was browsing and bumped this one:

MSI GeForce FX 5800 Ultra-TD Retail Box (PRE ORDER ETA 4/20)
Manufacturer Part Number: 8904-002
MSI - GeForce FX5800 Ultra-TD - Graphics card - FX 5800 Chipset - AGP 8x/4x - 128 MB Dual Channel DDR - TV-Out - DVI - Retail Box

Now the real question is whether it's an OEM or retail?

according to MSI look what you should get with it

And that's for 369$ WooHoo
bodily i think it's an OEM however it's still amazing price...

nice for an ultra...

P.S. the geforcefx 5800 ultra and the radeon 9800 pro are priced the same all over the net (average 425$~ , that's mainly in the big stores)

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