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Default Re: X Server Problem

@caleb705: What distro are you using? You need to get to a command prompt without X running to be able to install the Nvidia drivers at all. The method that Nvidia recommends is to type 'telinit 3' in a terminal window, I believe, but that makes an assumption about how your distro is set up. It does not work for Ubuntu, for example.

The method I use is to open a terminal, type 'sudo bash' to get myself a command prompt as 'root', then enter '/etc/init.d/gdm stop', as I use a Gnome desktop. If you are using KDE, you would need to change 'gdm' to 'kdm'. If you are using a different window manager, you will need to find out the equivalent.

That should shut down X, and you can then run the Nvidia installation script.

To restart X, you can use '/etc/init.d/gdm start' (or the equivalent for your window manager), or just restart your PC (I use 'reboot').

Hope that gives you some pointers, at least.

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