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Default xserver crashes when going full screen


I have an XFX Nvidia GeForce 6200 with drivers properly installed on Ubuntu Edgy Eft.
Everything worked perfectly until a few days ago. now everytime a program tries to go full screen- games or prorgams (last thing i tried was stellarium), i get a black screen, sometime i can see a cursur blink on my top left corner and then the monitor goes off. I hear the ubuntu drums and that's it. the computer is dead.
I can still switch to other VTs, which are operable, but VT7 is black screen.
I tried removing and re-installing the nvidia drivers but it did not help.
until now, i could not do a thing about it. not even ctrl-alt-bkspc. but now suddenly i can. so the server restarts and i don't have to go to another VT and reboot the whole system.... so, at least that, but i still cant run full screen apps.
I hope that i'm asking this question at the right forum. Icannot think of any other info at the moment, but i will provide anything i can to help you help me.
Attached is my Nvidia-bug-report log file.

Thanks for helping.
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