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Default Re: The Official Medieval II Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Subtestube
Well, I'll be picking this up tomorrow - good to know that my 7600GT is going to totally choke on it!

i think shadows is what kills the game performance hit..
Tweaking the shadows or disabling them with make the biggest impact in performance. I have heard of people with 7950's having not very smooth framerates at highest res/settings . if you have core2 and a 7600gt *AND* at least 1GB of ram ,the game will play between 20-30fps in huge battles. that is at 1280x1024 using 4xAA/no AF. forget the demo ,i got better framerates there. Was playing with all game effects on ultra high ,but shadows a bit lower than high. that was past.. because now got a brand new 8800gts.

people with only 512 of ram will have even more lower Fps ,since the game reads lots of data from the harddisk. with 2gb game missions loads insanely fast and rarely need to load for the HD..

aside note.. a new mod is out.. with ALL FACTIONS PLAYABLE..
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