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Talking Remote Tuxracer resets X

I found a funny little bug. It's not critical and I can live with it but I just thought maybe you would find it amusing. I sometimes `ssh -X` to my Fedora Core 3 server machine just for fun and, in that terminal I can launch X applications remotely, including OpenGL applications, such as glxgears, and they appear on my client screen. But if I type `tuxracer`, my X client on the machine I am sitting at immediately restarts just as if I had pressed [ctrl][alt][backspace].

Seems like this is a driver problem because X is totally stable otherwise. I have not found any other applications that do this, including other Linux OpenGL apps (and I even run DirectX apps remotely via ssh and wine!). No real problems with my systems. I'm running Twinview and compiz, Fedora Core 6 x86_64, 96.29 on my development box. If you want more info, it's in the log:

Oh, and if it makes a difference, my Fedora Core 3 server has no monitor attached. (It is using an old ati radeon 7200 because it won't boot without a video card.)
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