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Default Re: GF6800 and new driver 9629 install prob

[quote=Cambo]If you are used to Windows, you may have fallen for the fact that Linux makes a distinction between lowercase and uppercase characters - ie. 'NV' != 'nv'.

As the filename is so long, I alway just type the './NV' bit, then press the Tab key. The shell will then attempt to complete the filename for you. When you have more than one filename with that as the start, it will fill in up to the point where they differ. You can then type the next character of the filename you want, and press tab again. Very handy if you have several version of the Nvidia drivers downloaded ;-)

Please, be patient. Linux can take a bit of effort to get to grips with, but it is well worth persevering with.

i typed it in just as the file name is ./ and it refuses no matter what. take a bit of effort? more like you're gonna go BALD if you install this bs and try to use it. i'm pissed off and i can see why linux isn't BIG, it's too gd clunky and complicated and bitchier than a woman having PMS.

linux has a looooooooooooooooooooong way to go before I'll ever consider it again. i don't even think i'm gonna consider it period for that matter.

oh and tell me why it will find it when im logged in regularly it finds the file and not when i follow that guide you directed me to? I put the same command in the terminal within gnome and it finds it, but gives me the stupid need root to continue crap. if someone has a good answer, i'm all ears as this is the last chance it's getting with me. yep i'm not so forgiving like others may be with it.
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