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Default Re: The Official Medieval II Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Nv40
Ok .. finally got my new 8800GTS to work.. the game looks pure awesomeness at 8xQ with 16XAF and all settings ultra high.. .
But sadly still feels choppy the framerates.. the highest playable was 1600x1200 8xQ with TSS and trilinear ,No AF. The game is far more killer in performance than Oblivion which is a surprise . i guess its the price you need to pay if you want Epic battles. this game is one of the few where u need an 8800 in SLI if you want to play at 40fps++ min. or more ,.at ultra high resolutions and max settings.
keep in mind games like that use a good deal of AI which will task your cpu and slow it down, not just gpu power needed.
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