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Default Probably not an nVidia-related problem but...

As you'll see in my reply to a later thread, I just hit a brick wall with regards to installing the latest nForce system drivers on my machine running RH9 (I found a post on nForcersHQ which says nVidia are reworking the driver SRPM to rebuild without the compile error on RH9, so I guess I'll just have to wait for that...)

I was however able to get the latest graphics driver running on my GeForce FX 5200 (not sure if it's fully accelerated, but it works). Neither of these are the problem...

The problem I have now is that after getting X to work, I then used the RH user/group administration GUI tool to add a couple of regular user accounts to the system (I had to do a text install originally which doesn't seem to let you add users other than root). They seemed to work, so I then booted back into XP to check something on the Web, but on returning to Linux it now doesn't boot...

The boot process starts normally, but when it gets to "starting sendmail" it just hangs (with a pause on "starting xinetd" just before, although that's probably normal). I left it for several minutes but it didn't go any further.

I tried it again from a cold start, and forcing Run Level 3 in GRUB (with the intention of discounting a graphics driver problem) but the problem remains...

Does anybody please have any idea what this might be? I know this is an nVidia forum, and this is almost certainly an unrelated problem, but I'm still a bit of a Linux administration newbie...

Is it perhaps something to do with the new user accounts but an unconfigured network (due to the nForce drivers not being installed)?

Many thanks in advance.



Just remembered that during the last successful Linux run (same session as installing graphics and adding users) I also changed the hostname from "localhost.localdomain" to a real name. I did this using the RH network admin GUI tool, which seemed to work except that when I tried to log in again it threw a warning about the new name not being recognised and that I should put it in /etc/hosts, which I did (again changing localhost.localdomain to the new name in the existing line).

Note to self: don't make three changes at once!!!

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