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Default Evga 8800 GTS problems in gentoo

Ok, I've had a few problems that I worked out, but the major problems (performance, choppiness, instability) are.. well.. not worked out.

This card works great in windows. No complaints there. The motherboard works great in windows, no complaints.

I have a p965 chipset in linux, this causes some issues. They may all be to blame on it, not sure. I don't think so, but I can't be sure since I haven't used another card on this board in linux.

Here's my issues.

1) it takes 20 seconds from the time the nvidia beta driver screen loads to get to a login prompt, all black screen up till then
2) VT switching = instant blackness. System seems responsive sometimes, sometimes not (I see this because I'll type out the login information and a "reboot" to get the system to restart safely).
3) Ctrl - alt - backspace = instant blackness, no killing X, either use it or use nothing.
4) General sluggishness in window moving, but.. oh geez, if I start copying files or doing something in the background, terrible.

Answers to general questions:

1) I'm using kernel 2.6.19-rc6
2) I"m using 250 khz, kernel is fully pre-emption enabled as low-latency desktop.
3) kernel used is still in development, necessary due to hardware support (jmicron crappiness).

Prior experience w/ linux + nvidia

Nforce 4 chipset mainboard (also gigabyte), 7800 GT, Athlon 3800+ x2

So anyway, I know what I'm doing usually, but here I"m at a loss. It just performs badly in linux.. very badly. Unuseably bad when copying files or anything taxing, windows will stop responding, kicker will not respond, killing apps doesn't work, etc.

Definitely sounds like more than an nvidia driver issue I'm sure, but I know that anything hardware related can cause issues like this from past experience so it's not out of the realm of possibility for it to just be the driver/kernel.

I can't really try another kernel (this one is unpatched, but still development), unless I were to go with some 2.6.18 based kernel with the jmicron support (mm1 branch), but those are probably less stable than the 2.6.19 development series so I doubt to get much benefit doing that.

I will try to come back and post linux stuff later, but the computer ugh.. just is painful to use in linux by comparison right now.
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