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Yea, I have never cared about who makes the video cards that I own. (I've had Matrox, ATI, 3DFX, Nvidia, etc.) I just enjoy computer hardware in general. I buy and try video cards and other hardware all the time.

I must admit that I've been extremely surprised on how well the 9700 Pro/9800 Pro have performed in my system. Seeing firsthand how ATI has addressed any issues in their driver's, has impressed me. When I first got the 9700 Pro last September, there were several annoying things about the drivers and how they had issues with several of my games. But ATI did an excellent job of fixing the problems I had. I also had rolling line and shimmering with my 9700 Pro's. They never did go away until I picked up the 9800 Pro.

The 9800 Pro is rock solid with speed and superb IQ. I just get bored,I guess, so the FX 5800 Ultra looks very intriguing.

I understand that you are trying the 5800 Ultra because you have had some issues that haven't been fully resolved. (Granite Bay)
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