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Originally posted by Solomon
Hmmmmmmm. That seems awfully low. I would definetly call them and ask. Sounds to me that that's just a 5800 normal and not an Ultra. Something just seems fishy with an Ultra 5800 being priced that low.

I've talked to a couple of retail vendors and (their cost) isn't even that low for a retail boxed card. If they are legit then that's a steal and a half. But I would definetly call first...

D. Solomon Jr.
30$ off to low? I havent talked to vendors, but my uncle usto buy and sell wholesale to K-Mart and Wal-Mart and he would buy a dozen for an insanely low amount such as 50cents or less and sell it to K-mart for about 10$, witch they would resale for probly 12$ each. It was just cheep junk.

I dunno but with out those kind of insane markups I doubt any store would be in business selling video cards and computer related parafanalia! hehe
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