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Default Black after POST, cannot see GRUB GF2MX400

Running Etch Net Install on ASUS P3BF PIII800. Tried the net install first with the MX400 and would get blank screen. Reformatted and did the install with my 3DFX Voodoo and all is well. When I try to boot etch with the mx400, video drops at the grub screen. I can blindly proceed, but I never get a screen. I try to guess when I might be at a login screen, but get nothing. I swap back in the voodoo and all is well. Tried loading nvidia drivers with voodoo in and the switch, doesn't work. System is tri boot and the nvidia card works fine with the 98 and xp installs. Nvidia card also works fine with knoppix live cd.

What can I do to get any text video so I can load nvidia drivers? I've been fighting this for months. Searches show lots of x blank screen problems, but I cannot find another one like this where blank screen is everything after POST.
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