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Default Using Composite 24/7 Results in Slowdown after ~48 hours

Fedora Core 6
Using either a 7900gt or FX5200 with driver 9629
The 7900gt system is 64-bit, the 5200 is in a 32-bit system.
Using XFCE 4.4 rc2 as the Desktop Environment with its built-in compositor.

2D performance is quick and normal upon first logging in. After leaving the computer on for a consecutive 48 hours (more or less in that range), 2D performance will start to suffer and it's like I'm running a 286 with a VESA LB video card. If I disable the compositor (a check box in XFCE) then 2D performance is OK with transparancy gone. If I reenable it then 2D performance suffers immediately. I'm forced to logout and kill X to get 2D performance back to normal.

Is this a memory leak? XFCE problem?

P.S. When I say 2D performance I'm talking about window drawing and any sort of 2D draw operation. Dragging windows around is very choppy and it leaves trails of windows behind. Going through dialogs or web browsing is very slow and sluggish.
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