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Default Re: TwinView Problem With Two CRTs

A little more info:

My card has 3 outputs, VGA, TV, and DVI. I have CRT monitors on the VGA port and the DVI port (using a DVI->VGA adapter).

I don't think the issue is with the window manager, because the spash screen comes up the same on both monitors, half way off the right side. Everything looks like it is working right up to the point where it goes to output to the screen and writes the same thing to both montiors.

I have tried using the TwinViewXineramaInfo order which changes what is displayed on the monitors, but it is still the same on both.

I successfully set up twinview and seperate screens using the TV out. In this case I can get something different on the TV, and the two monitors display the same thing. My ultimate goal is to get the TV to clone one of the monitors, but I have to get something different on the two monitors first.

I have also removed the TV connection when trying to get the monitors to work, but the results were the same.

Tried the current drivers, legacy drivers, and beta drivers. All have the same problem.

Also the refresh rate and resolution is always the same on both monitors.

My only guess is that somehow the driver and/or video card is getting confused because it is detecting two CRTs but only has one VGA port, so it ends up sending the same image to both monitors. This doesn't get me any closer to a solution unfortunatly.
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