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Default after upgrade, custom modelines to eliminate overscan no longer work

Hi all

I recently upgraded my Debian machine; this included migrating from Xfree86 to Xorg, and also upgrading the nvidia driver from 1.0.7174 to 1.0.8776. I am still able to start up my X server, but now my customized modeline is no longer working correctly. I had been using this custom modeline before my upgrade to eliminate overscan problems on my Samsung LN R267W lcd monitor.

Before the upgrade, the customized modeline worked: X was centered correctly, and none of the edges were being cut off. However, after the upgrade this same modeline had overscan on the top and left, a large black margin on the right, and a small black margin on the bottom. I have since attempted to manually create a new modeline to re-center and remove overscan, but I can no longer seem to move the top and left parts of X out of the overscanned areas.

Is there some setting I am overlooking?

I am attaching an nvidia-bug-report.log I have generated.
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