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Default Nvidia GeForce Go 7600

hello all..

i read the post regarding the availability of the latest nVidia driver..
one question .. is there another way to achieve what done by the gmake command?
I'm having problem with my pcbsd 1.2 and my graphic card..
I ran everything as mentioned in nvidia website (compat5x, linux compatibility are there) but when I reboot I get the NVRM: RM_INIT-ADAPTER() FAILED and

as I noticed that running the nvidia-xconfig doesn't really config the XF86Config file as it needs.. I guess the nvidia-settings was not funtional.. so i'm compiling it..
to get the gmake i neet to get the gtk2.0 (does it have to be 2.0 or can it be the latest?).. to get the gtk I need to get the glib2, the pango and atk..
before continuing.. can you relate that error I'm having with the fact that nvidia-settings didn't work properly..
when I get that error I don't get the kde screen .. so I log as root and ee the xf86config file.. i edited it with the right horizontal/vertical sync rates (31-83 56-75) .. does not work.. ee again the file and just change nvidia to vesa.. then rebooting I get kde 1024x768 max..
fixing all the gtk/pango/glib errors is going to take a HUGE amount of time and skills that i still don't have..
any hint?
thanks for your time and efforts dedicated to this community!!

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