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Default Re: geforce2 (pci) driver hangs system

Shouldn't have to recompile a custom kernel. I would venture to say that your problems are PC CHIPS related. But if you'll send me a list of what hardware you're running and what the exact motherboard you're running, I'll shoot you a config file you can use to compile your own custom kernel. Should just take a minute or two to make: the config file that is.

I've got a PC CHIPS board running a Pentium III 1Ghz chip. But I can't even get the GeForce2 Card to boot on it. It's supposed to support up to 4X AGP.

But I'm amazed that you've got it working at all on that motherboard. Those VIA chipsets on those PC Chips motherboards are a major pain in the neck.

I finally switched to a Voodoo 5 AGP card on that motherboard and it runs pretty good. But they only need AGP 1X anyway. So it works out kind of well, if you have a PC CHIPS board.

But I think the only NVIDIA card I succeed using on my PC Chips board was of the TNT2 64 variety. I think anything faster the just drives the board haywire.

I see from your log report that you're getting errors from a /dev/wacom for your mouse. And that the PS/2 mouse setting succeeds.

You might try uninstalling the nvidia drivers and then generating a generic xorg.conf file.

Try this as root:

Xorg -configure

That should generate a file in the directory in which you're in.

Check the Mouse section. Usually, you have to edit the settings there and adjust your modes and DefaultDepth in the Screen and Display sections.

Option "Device" "/dev/mouse"

change to

Option "Device" "/dev/input/mice"

You can then test the new file like this.

Xorg -config

If it works, as root you can copy it to your /etc/X11 directory.

cp -fv /etc/X11/xorg.conf

You can then recompile your nvidia module and edit by hand the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file to use the "nvidia" module instead of the "nv" module.


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