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Default Re: nForce2 motherboards, SATA disks and SATA RAID under Linux

Originally Posted by kenyee
Reinstall w/ mdadm.
Look up "fakeraid" to see what this "hardware" raid is. It's a waste of time...don't bother with it. There's a reason real hardware RAID solutions cost $200-300 more...
And that reason is that RAID card manufacturers want to take every dime you have.

There was a time when the ''real'' RAID was the only ''real'' solution. Not so anymore.
The performance difference between software raid and hardware raid is so small that it is barely even noticeable on any modern(read: >2GHz) workstation/server(read: multi-processor) system under normal workloads/conditions.
( Of course, that changes when concurrent access goes into hundreds-thousands and/or file sizes are > total system memory. )
You can run your tests but I ran mine and the results are very clear. NVRAID does just fine for normal workstation usage. I'd be a lot happier if it had a stripe of mirrors(1+0) rather than mirror of stripes(0+1) for what they mislabeled as RAID 10 but it still provides fault tolerance.
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