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Default Re: The Official Medieval II Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Mathas
Nv40, try to add Supersampling. It cuts more than 50% performance on my 7900GS.

well , im not sure how to add supersampling in the 8800GTS , because there is no option in the drivers.. other than transparency with supersampling. wich is what i posted 8xQ +TSS. can u show me how to enable the old 8xS mode on geforces?

Can you create your own battles, and also just play single missions, like Age of Empires 2?
yes you can ,there is an option for custom battles ,where you choose which factions you want to play (about 12 i guess) and your computer Ai or human oponent.

Those screens look awesome. did you turn bloom on? and are unit details set to the maximum?
everything is on max settings ,at 1600x1200 8xQ TSS,but AF is set to 4x or 2x.
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