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Default system crashes when upgrading from 6600GT to 7600GT


System: amd64 3000+ 939, PCIe, asus/nforce mobo

my trusty Asus EN6600GT board recently died, so I was forced to buy a new one, and chose an EN7600GT due to it's two DVI ports.
Since then, stability problems struck me - the system often completely locks up to the point where even SysReq+s / u won't work any more.
None of the problems I encountered where present with the old gfx board, and I didn't change the system configuration in between.

the system often locks up when starting a new game in UT2004, but it also randomly happened in NWN and on several other occasions.
A less severe crash happened several times when scrolling in kolourpaint: the screen freezes, the mouse can still be moved, but no gui is responding. ssh-login is still possible, dmesg saying:
NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 6, PE0000 0404 ffffffff 0000fdec ffefefef 00086400

another message I managed to capture:
NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 6, PE0000 0404 ffffffff 0000fdf0 ffffffff 00086400

I've tried reinstalling the drivers and using different driver versions:

nvidia-drivers-1.0.8776 -> locks up
nvidia-drivers-1.0.9629 -> locks up
nvidia-drivers-1.0.9742 -> no deadlocks during my first round of UT, but several other applications stopped working properly, so it's not an option and I didn't test further.

I've updated my kernel from 2.6.17 to 2.6.18, which didn't help.

I've tried disabling TwinView, didn't help.

I've tried creating a fresh xorg.conf without custom changes, didn't help.

Although I use a single core system, I've tried the pci=nommconf thing, which didn't help.

I've removed the ~/.nvidia-settings-rc (or whatever it was called while it still existed), which didn't help.

I set agp=off in my grub.conf (using PCIe it was worth trying), but it didn't help.

I set Render = "false" in my xorg.conf, which didn't help.

It has to be a gfx driver issue, as an overnight compile session finished without problems. I'm out of ideas.

attachment as requested. As the computer completely locks up most of the time, or at least locks up the X server, this log was generated after a clean boot.

If you need me to provide more information, please let me know how.
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