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Default Re: Fedora 6 kernel-update: driver-installation fails again

Originally Posted by netllama
According to the log, you're using a custom kernel, whose source seems to be in an inconsistant state.
Well, the kernel itself has been updated with "yum update".
For the update of the source, I followed the 10 steps in paragraph 8.6 of the Release Notes of Fedora 6,
(I did this as "root", as a "normal user" I didn't pass step 1 of 10)
This may explain the /root/rpmbuild/BUILD/kernel-2.6.18 etc. in the logfile.
The update of the 32-bit version of the kernel may have influenced things, but with the original installation of the driver the installation of the 32-bit version of the kernel was the final hurdle before things went right.
Please note that during the failing installation there is a bar running to 100%, it's only then that the error message appears.

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